segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

Call me a liar, a king or a fool... (8)

I don't know  what to post today, at all... Not a word can describe somethings
The feeling of growing and learning, the smell of past teaching you how to live in the future.
Not a word can portray a feeling, not a word can portray a will, I feel this strong will today
The will for change my own ways, a will to make tomorrow better than today
A will to spread my wings and fly higher than myself. I'm a walker then the road is my home
The skies are my roof and the whole world is my sheltter. I'm haven't home so every
single place is my home. I'm not abandoned walking inside to outside myself...
I'm singing a song of prosperity...

- André Walker -

Um comentário:

  1. Andre, you surely know what to post! So many times I identify me with you! We will be more secure in ourselves! So call a liar, a fool or a king, too!It´s at all!!